ALC Titrisation

In order to enhance its offering, the ALC Group has added a Securitisation Hub to its existing range of services. This hub has two entities: ALC Structuration and ALC Titrisation (a limited company with a capital of 312 million FCFA).

The Securitisation Hub’s offering supports clients i.e. from structuring the transactions to managing the SPV (Special Purpose Vehicle). It uses a software programme developed by DELOITTE US, which can manage over four million receivables per transaction. Moreover, Group clients benefit from ALC’s experience as a merchant bank (project finance, bond liability, PPP projects, working capital and CapEx financing) and its expertise in a range of sectors.

To comply with regulations, the Group separates the origination and arrangement of securitisation transactions (ALC Structuration) from the management of SPVs (ALC Titrisation).